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Queens Road in Nottingham

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

This has been a great project to be involved with!

Key to this and any other project is planning whereby initial pre-start meetings with all parties BEFORE the project made all the difference.

Topics such as:-

Initial Design - the latest Site Investigation alongside the BS8485 used to confirm the project design requirements.

Design - ensuring that this can be adopted and installed in line with the proposed construction programme.

Independent Verification - involved at the design stage as ultimately the company involved will be 'signing off' the installation.

Independent Verification - produce a "Pre-Verification Plan' agreed and understood by all parties in line with CIRIA C735.

Installation - verifiable preparation, gas membrane installation and where appropriate, remediation.

Well done to team Aiden Quinn of RIW Ltd, Velcol Ltd, GeoShield Global - Verification Programs For Ground Gas Protection Systems, Waterproofing & Tanking and Franklin Ellis Architects for supporting this project.

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